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Pool Sprung a Leak?

Pools in South Florida don’t usually spring leaks. That’s something that typically happens when the ground shifts or is unstable, such as in Southern California. Still, it occasionally happens. And when it does, fixing the leak as quickly as possible is imperative.

That’s because the water leaking from your in-ground pool can get seeped into the ground around your home. The results can be problematic. In simple cases, the ground may simply become a little spongy. But when pool leaks are undetected and untreated, this gradual buildup of groundwater can damage decks, sidewalks, and even the foundation of your home.

Detecting Leaks

Discovering your pool has a leak is simple — as long as you pay attention to water levels. If your pool suddenly has a lot less water in it than it used to, it may be a leak. While some leakage is normal due to runoff, splashing, and other factors, water levels that go down inches or even feet in just a few hours are usually related to a leak.

Another way to tell is to look at the area directly surrounding your pool. If water is seeping up through the ground, pooling where it doesn’t usually pool, or soft and spongy, it’s time to call the pool leak repair experts at Eagle Pools.

Fixing Leaks

Repairing pool leaks is usually a big job, but not an insurmountable one. In some instances, it’s as simple as draining your pool and patching the parts of the wall that are leaking. Bigger jobs may require more sophisticated detection equipment but the result is the same: The leak is found and repaired and life goes back to normal.

Pool leaks need to be addressed the moment they are discovered. Waiting too long can cause major structural damage to your pool, your deck, and even your home. If you notice anything unusual going on in or around your pool, call the pool leak repair experts at Eagle Pools. We’ve got you covered!

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