Pool Heaters Allow Year-Round Fun


Pool Heaters

In most parts of South Florida, pool season never really ends. Even in the heart of winter, when it’s freezing cold everyplace else, the average daytime temperature in places like Boca Raton or Miami rarely goes below 70 degrees F.

While the air temperature may dip into the 60s or even the 50s overnight, during the day most pool owners can enjoy their backyard swimming in comfort and security from the weather. But to expand your pool hours to all day, every day, all year round all you need to do is have Eagle Pools install a pool heater.

Pool Heater Benefits

Pool heaters work much the same way as the thermostat in your home. You simply set the water temperature at the level you want and the heater makes sure it is sustained regardless of the air temperature outside. Even during overnights in January or February, when South Florida temperatures are at their coolest, you can still enjoy a dip in your pool in water that is warm, comfortable, and restorative.

Pool heaters automatically turn themselves off when the water temperature is higher than the air temperature. But they kick in when the weather cools off, ensuring you and your family always have access to your pool regardless of the outside air temp.

Efficient and Affordable

Pool heaters in winter for outdoor pools in places like Minneapolis or Chicago don’t make a lot of sense. For one thing, they would easily become overworked and prone to breakdown. For another, the cost of running them would be prohibitively expensive.  That’s why most folks up north close down their pools in the fall and don’t reopen them until the spring.

But in Florida, pool heaters make a lot of sense. They only run a relatively short period of time and they don’t add much to your electrical costs. Yet they let you use your pool whenever you want without ever having to worry about cool water temperatures.

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