‘Can I Convert My Pool into a Hot Tub?’


'Can I Convert My Pool into a Hot Tub?'

Even in South Florida, there are some winter days that are just too cold to use your backyard swimming pool. So some homeowners wonder if they can simply jack up the heater on their in-ground pool and use it as a hot tub, at least temporarily?

The answer is yes, but it comes at a cost.

Too Much Strain

The heaters that raise the water temperature in hot tubs are designed for the volume of the specific tub. As a result, they efficiently maintain a constant temperature of between 100 to 102 degrees F.

But swimming pools have a much higher volume than hot tubs. And the heaters designed for swimming pools aren’t designed to operate at temperatures that high. So when you turn your pool heater up all the way, it’s going to put an enormous strain on the heating element and other mechanical parts of your equipment, essentially burning them out quite literally.

A Better Plan

Rather than potentially damaging your pool heater and other equipment, a better idea is simply to wait until ambient air temperatures rise high enough to use your pool comfortably. In South Florida, it generally doesn’t take very long for cold snaps to pass. In no time at all, you and your family can use your pool again safely without putting undue strain on the mechanical equipment.

An alternate plan is to have Eagle Pools install a hot tub that you can use regardless of the air temperature. Hot tubs and spas are the perfect addition to any backyard or deck, providing a relaxing, invigorating place to unwind, work out tension, and enjoy quality time alone or with friends.

The average temperature in South Florida in January and February hovers around 74.5 degrees F during the day and 67.5 degrees F at night. Rather than risking damage to your pool by cranking up the heater, simply wait a little bit and you and your family will be able to enjoy it once more.

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