Schedule Service During Pool Downtimes


During Pool Downtimes

When is the best time for Eagle Pools to clean and service your pool? Why, when you are least likely to be using it, of course!

What particular time of day that is will depend on your specific schedule. Some people use their pool during the early morning hours to swim laps. Others are more likely to use it in the late afternoon to relax poolside after a long workday. Other people who have young children may use their pool most often during the late morning and early afternoon.

Convenience and Reliability

At Eagle Pools, our technicians work from early morning until early evening, servicing pools at times when it is most convenient for our clients. Just let us know generally when your pool is most likely to be vacant and we can schedule your regular cleaning then.

Pool cleaning usually takes about an hour or less. So all we need is a window of opportunity for our technicians to get in and clean your pool thoroughly and completely. If additional services are needed, such as checking the water chemical balance or servicing major equipment like pumps or heaters, we can manage our schedule around yours so that there is minimal interruption to your family’s pool time.

Schedule Changes

Once your cleaning schedule is set, our experienced and professional pool technicians will make every effort to stick to it every week or every two weeks, depending on the frequency of your service.

But don’t worry if your habits change or if you need to use your pool during a time you don’t ordinarily swim in it. We can always modify your regular cleaning and maintenance schedule or make a one-time change to accommodate your specific needs. Our goal is to provide you with the convenient, reliable cleaning you want so your pool is always safe and clean.

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