Pool Filters Require Constant Care


Pool Filters

The lowly pool filter is small, but’s one of the most important pieces of equipment in your entire backyard pool system. Often just a simple cartridge, if not replaced or cleaned regularly, it can easily throw your pool out of whack, creating potentially dangerous conditions for your family.

Yet many homeowners who choose to care for their pools on their own don’t even know where their pool filter is located, let alone how to change it. And they only become aware that there is a problem with the pool water changes color, develops an off odor, or becomes cloudy.

How Pool Filters Work

Your pool’s pump is constantly circulating the water through the filtering system. By means of very small mesh screens, particulates are captured and removed from the pool water before it is cycled back into your pool. When the pump is running, the entire volume of the pool can then be filtered and replaced every couple of hours.

Over time, the filters themselves can pick up so much debris that they actually become clogged. When this happens, it can put additional stress on the pump as it tries to push water through these blocked filters. Eventually, it could burn out your pump, which can be a costly repair.

Another possibility is that the pump pushes contaminated water through the blocked filters, pushing additional contaminants back into the water. This is when pool conditions can become physically dangerous for swimmers.

A Simple Solution

The obvious solution is to change out or clean your pool filter according to the manufacturers’ recommendation. But since most pool owners aren’t that familiar with how pumps and filtering systems work, this often isn’t done.

One of the benefits of having a professional pool service like Eagle Pools clean your pool is that we work with filtering systems every day. So we know exactly when and how to clean or replace your pool filter to ensure optimal safe swimming conditions.

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