DIY Pool Cleaning Doesn’t Add Up to Savings


DIY Pool Cleaning

With rising inflation, out-of-control gas prices, and an uncertain economy, some pool owners are canceling their pool service and choosing to clean their pool themselves to save money.

While their intentions may be good, do-it-yourself pool cleaning can often lead to higher, rather than lower, pool service costs. Here’s why.

Distractions Abound

Pool cleaning isn’t fun. It’s a dirty but necessary job. While homeowners may stick to their cleaning schedule at the outset, eventually other demands on their time are going to distract them from this chore. And when that happens, conditions may deteriorate to the point where swimmers’ safety may be put at risk.

Knowledge and experience also come into play. Pools don’t usually come with an owners’ manual that tells homeowners how to maintain them. So people turn to places like YouTube or other websites for instructions that may not be specific to their particular type of pool. The result can be damage to the pool and/or its mechanical equipment.

Damage Control

Another common occurrence is when something breaks down, like a pump or a filtering system. Homeowners, not experienced at mechanical repair, generally can’t fix it themselves. But because they canceled their pool service, there’s no fast and easy solution.

So canceling your pool service and trying to clean it yourself can lead to more headaches and higher costs than simply leaving the work to the professionals. We understand the impulse to try to save a little money. But when Eagle Pools is on the job, you never have to worry about keeping up with the cleaning schedule, trying to figure out the job on the fly, or dealing with unexpected repairs on your own. We’ve already got you covered.

Most importantly, you can be assured your pool is always clean, safe, and in optimal condition for your family. Keeping people safe is what we do best.

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