Consider a Salt Water Pool System


Salt Water Pool System

The ocean is made of saltwater and swimming pools are filled with freshwater, right? Not necessarily.

Many homeowners are discovering the benefits of a saltwater pool. As the name implies, these are backyard swimming pools that are filled with salt water rather than freshwater. There are a number of benefits to consider that you may not be aware of.

Converting your existing pool to a saltwater pool may keep your family safer, your pool water softer, and your pocketbook fuller.

Saltwater Pools

Like a pool filled with freshwater, saltwater pools require chlorination to keep the water clear of impurities and to keep swimmers safe. But saltwater pools require far less chlorine and other chemicals than traditional freshwater pools. The result is lower chemical and treatment costs.

But lower chlorine levels also put less strain on your skin while swimming. So saltwater pools are significantly gentler on eyes and skin. Some swimmers also report that the water feels softer and more comfortable in a saltwater pool.

They may also be safer than chlorine pools. Some research indicates that freshwater pools with higher chlorine levels may expose swimmers to potential long-term risks.

Less Maintenance

Pools located near the ocean or beach typically get a lot of saltwater brought into them anyway. So having a saltwater pool at your beachfront home means the chemicals in your pool don’t have to work as hard to break down impurities.

Plus, unlike freshwater pools in which the chlorine is dissolved into the water, the salt in a saltwater system produces chlorine only as needed. So saltwater pools tend to have both lower chemical costs and decreased maintenance costs compared with traditionally chlorinated swimming pools.

Is converting your existing swimming pool into a saltwater pool right for you? Find out more by contacting the experts at Eagle Pools.

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