Keep Pool Chemicals Safely Locked Away


Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals are highly effective in keeping pool water safe for swimmers. When used in the proper amounts by knowledgeable service technicians, you and your family can enjoy safe, carefree swimming with little to no risk of sickness or infection by harmful bacteria, algae, and other organisms.

When not in use, pool chemicals should be securely locked away in a garage, storage cabinet, or another safe place so that they cannot be accessed by children, animals, or unauthorized users.

Common Pool Chemicals

Most pools are treated with chlorine, bromine, and other common chemicals. Like any other chemicals, pool treatments are safe when used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. But on their own, they can cause burning, breathing problems, and other health issues.

The best plan is to keep pool chemicals locked up until they are ready to be used by a trained professional pool technician. Storing your pool chemicals in a cabinet or locker secured with a padlock will prevent accidental exposure to unauthorized users. It’s also a good idea to attach a warning sign to the locker or cabinet so that people understand the risks and stay away.

Pool chemicals also should be kept in their original containers that are clearly labeled. It’s also a bad idea to mix pool chemicals. Mixing chlorine with acids, for example, can cause a severe and dangerous reaction. Even pouring old chemicals into new bottles of the same product can cause potential dangers.

Trust the Professionals

The experienced professional pool technicians at Eagle Pools know how to properly store and use pool chemicals. When you have our knowledgeable pool teams servicing your pool, you never have to worry about accidental exposures, improper storage, or other potential hazards.

Pool chemicals are nothing to toy with. Let the professional pool techs at Eagle Pools handle your pool service so you can focus on having fun.

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