‘How Often Should My Pool Be Cleaned?’


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If you host big pool parties every weekend, have kids who use your pool pretty much every day, and your backyard pool is the hangout for the whole neighborhood, you may need weekly or at least bi-weekly service from professional pool cleaners to keep it clean and safe. If, however, you only use your pool periodically and you perform routine daily cleaning tasks, you may be able to get away with monthly service.

Daily Cleaning

Pools require a lot of care and attention, even if it isn’t by professionals. Removing debris from the water’s surface and vacuuming the pool bottom is something that should be done pretty much every day. If you miss a day here and there, it’s usually no big deal as long as nobody is using the pool. But what you want to avoid is swimmers having to dodge dead insects or leaves while enjoying your pool.

Professional service includes tasks such as balancing the chemicals in the water, cleaning filters and checking on the efficiency of mechanical equipment like pumps and heaters. Your professional, experienced pool techs also will give your pool a thorough cleaning on every visit to supplement the daily care of the pool’s owners.

Clean and Safe

The goal is to keep your backyard swimming pool clean and safe for the people who use it. In addition to daily care and professional care, you also should schedule periodic brushing of your pool walls, giving your pool a shock treatment, and addressing any algae growth the moment you notice any change in the water’s color or clarity.

Professional pool technicians from Eagle Pools will supplement daily care to ensure your pool is always clean, safe, and operating at maximum efficiency.

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