It’s Pool Heater Season in South Florida
Pool Heater Season



People come to South Florida for the weather, especially in winter. But those of us who live here know that there is a period, however brief when the temperatures drop to the point where swimming in the pool isn’t always an option — at least not without a pool heater.

That’s why a growing number of homeowners, vacation rental managers, and other people with pools install pool heaters right around this time every year. Winter is coming. And while it probably will be brief and not that cold here, having a heater in your pool means it can be enjoyed comfortably without interruption.

Pool Heaters

Pool heaters are simple, safe, and fast to install. And they can ensure your water temperature is comfortable for swimmers regardless of the air temperature. For some pool owners, this is critically important. For example, for resort, hotel, and vacation rental property owners a heated pool can be a major selling point.

But even for home pools, having a heater can be a huge benefit. In January and February in South Florida, the temperatures can dip into the 60s and 50s. There may even be a day or two in the 40s. All of these are cold enough to keep you out of your pool if you don’t have a heater. But if you do, there’s nothing stopping you and your family from having fun no matter what the air temperature is.

Eagle Pools

Eagle Pools can install, maintain, and even repair your pool heater so you never have to worry about cool or uncomfortable pool water. With a top-quality pool, you and your family are free to enjoy your pool year-round.

And if you have a rental property, you can be sure your guests will always be able to use the pool no matter if they book during the coolest part of the Florida winter.

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