The Snowbird Annual Migration Has Begun
Snowbird Annual Migration



Every year about this time, South Florida is inundated with thousands of snowbirds from the North. No, not migratory birds like geese and ducks, but tourists from places like Chicago, New York, and Cincinnati.

Snowbird season is one of the busiest times of the year for our region. The holidays and the winter months afterward are when the highways get more crowded, the shopping districts get busier, and the service industry goes into overdrive.

Pool Party

If you own a rental property that features a swimming pool, the time to book your weekly maintenance is right now. Pool service providers like Eagle Pools are filling up their schedules quickly as vacation homeowners arrange for cleaning, service, and maintenance of their pools.

Snowbirds landing in South Florida for winter vacation love the novelty of swimming in hot weather when the temperatures back home are freezing. So they expect the pools at the properties they rent to be clean, ready, and inviting — which can only be the case when professional pool service technicians are regularly treating your vacation rental pool.

Snowbird Season

Longtime residents of South Florida become accustomed to the unique seasons we experience here. Snowbird season is followed by Spring Break. So expect your vacation rental property to be busy from now until essentially the start of summer. When things cool down up north, they heat up down here. And for successful vacation rental owners, it pays to be prepared.

Calling Eagle Pools now to set up your service for the rest of the vacation rental season and beyond will ensure you will be first in line when it’s time for comprehensive, professional pool service.

Get ready for the snowbirds. Start letting Eagle Pools service your property’s swimming pool now so your guests can enjoy the benefits of South Florida living.

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