‘Do Florida Pools Need to Be Winterized?’
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In Florida, it’s warm all year round. That’s why every year thousands of “snowbirds” descend on our state during the winter months to avoid the freezing temperatures and heavy snowfalls back home.

But do pool owners in Florida have to take the same steps to “winterize” their pool every year as our neighbors to the north?

Not really.

Cooler Days

In Florida, winter temperatures are lower than they are in the summer, certainly. But they rarely get cold enough to justify shutting down, emptying, or even temporarily taking a pool out of service. Overnight temperatures may plummet, but by midday, they usually are warm enough to enjoy a dip in the pool comfortably. And the air temperature almost never gets cold enough to freeze the pool water.

Pool water temperature may be a little lower during the winter months. But a simple heater can take care of that. Or pool owners may simply enjoy a cool, refreshing swim.

Northerners winterize their pools by draining the water, emptying the pipes, and covering the top to prevent the buildup of debris or moisture from freezing rain or snow. In Florida, none of these things are necessary.

Winter Service

Yet there still are winter services Eagle Pools can provide that can help prolong the life of your pool while keeping it safe for swimmers. These include regularly cleaning both the surface and the bottom, keeping pool chemicals properly balanced, running your pump to circulate the water and the chemicals while protecting the pipes, and protecting your pool from falling leaves, palm fronds, and other debris when it’s not being used.

Winter in Florida isn’t that much different than the warmer months. It certainly doesn’t limit access to our pools. But Eagle Pools will continue to maintain, regulate, and repair your pool all year round.

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