How to Tell If You Need Pool Resurfacing


ResurfacingRight now, before the summer season gets into full swing, is the best time to schedule your pool resurfacing. While the procedure is relatively quick, it will take your pool out of service for a short period of time. And the less downtime during peak pool season, the better.

So how can you tell if your backyard swimming pool needs resurfacing or other repairs? Here’s a handy guide of things to look for during your pre-season inspection.

 Peeling Surfaces

The biggest and most noticeable sign that your pool may be in need of resurfacing is obvious peeling. If large pieces of your pool’s interior walls are coming away, it’s an indication that the surface may need to be replaced. Typically, the earliest signs of peeling will appear along the steps or floor of your pool. Look also at the areas where the stair rails or ladders attach to the pool surface for bubbles in the surface or peeling.

Another major indication that resurfacing is needed is staining. These are most common on the bottom of the pool but stains also can appear near the jets that feed recirculated water into the pool.

Pool Resurfacing Boca Raton — Hidden Clues

Other signs are not as obvious. These can include roughness on the pool surfaces, cracks, discoloration of the plaster, and rust stains. If during your pre-season inspection you notice structural cracks in the pool’s surface, let’s hope that all you need is resurfacing. If it’s just a surface crack in the plaster, it can be easily fixed. But if it’s also underneath the plaster on the cement wall, it may be a bigger repair.

Finally, look for rebound cracks in the steps and benches. Another sign is failures in the paint or fiberglass which can often mean there is a problem building just below the surface.

If you notice these or other problems, call Eagle Pool Service today to schedule a full inspection. If you do need resurfacing, we can get the job done now so you and your family don’t miss a single day of the swimming season.

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