‘Do I Need to Be There When My Pool Is Serviced?’


poolBoth commercial and residential swimming pools require regular service in order to remain safe and perform optimally. But it can be inconvenient for homeowners or even business owners to rearrange their schedules in order to be there when their pool service does their thing.

So the question is: Is it really necessary for you to be there while your pool is serviced? The answer depends on a number of different factors.

Pool Access

Nobody likes waiting around for service people to arrive. Waiting on the cable guy has become something of a cliche. And while many businesses will give you a “service window”, doesn’t it always seem like they always arrive either at the very end of the quoted time or even after it has passed?

At Eagle Pools, we don’t like to inconvenience our customers. So if we can clean and service your pool without having to upset your schedule, we will make every effort to do so.

If the professional pool technicians from Eagle Pools can gain access to your pool without having to go through locked doors or gates or avoid watchdogs or alarm systems, then they absolutely can service your pool without your having to be there. Many backyard swimming pools are easily accessible even if there is a gate. So as long as the equipment like filters, pumps, or heaters are locked up, there is nothing preventing our pool experts from cleaning and servicing your pool when you aren’t home.

First Visits

If it is your first service call, you may want to be there when Eagle Pools arrives just so you can ask questions, see what we do, and help solve any unanticipated problems. But after that, as long as it’s convenient for you, our service staff can maintain your pool without you ever having to worry about it again.

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