Common Pool Problems and Their Solutions


Pool Problems Owning a backyard swimming pool is one of life’s simple pleasures. Whether you have an in-ground pool, an above-ground pool, an exercise pool, an infinity pool, or even just a hot tub, your pool provides a place for you and your family to have fun, relax, and enjoy each other’s company.

But maintaining a pool is a lot of hard work. Because pools essentially are mechanical by nature, things can break down, wear out, or be subject to the whims of nature. Here are some of the most common pool problems you are likely to face as a pool owner and what to do about them.

Pool Water Quality

It’s critical to your family’s health and safety that your pool is filled with clear, clean water. If your water is cloudy, discolored, or even murky, it’s usually a sign that either your filter and pump system has stopped working, the pool hasn’t been properly cleaned, or both.

Another pool water quality problem can occur if the pH level is imbalanced. Pool water needs to be tested regularly to ensure the chemicals that keep the water are in proper balance. Otherwise, it can cause issues such as skin rashes, chemical burns, or even illness for swimmers.

Pool Water Levels

Another common problem has to do with water levels. If you notice that your pool has more water than normal or it is overflowing over the sides, it could be a sign that the drains are blocked.

Similarly, if the water level falls over time or all of a sudden, it may indicate a leak either in the pool walls themselves or in the hoses that facilitate the pump system.

The best way to ensure a clean, healthy, and safe pool is to rely on the pool professionals at Eagle Pool Service. Our experienced, reliable pool technicians can clean and maintain your pool so all you and your family have to worry about is having fun.

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