Does Your Pool Need a Heater?


HeaterNot all swimming pools have heaters. Not all require them. The answer to the question of whether your pool requires a pool heater depends on a number of different factors.

These factors include where you live, when you use your pool, and how comfortable you find the pool water temperature when you use it.

Where You Live

Essentially, the warmer the average temperature in the region where you live, the less likely you are to need a pool heater. For example, in South Florida, the average temperature rarely falls below 70 degrees F even during the day in the middle winter months of January and February.

So if you use your pool mostly in the daytime in South Florida, there is little need to invest in a heater in most cases. But if you live somewhere that the average temperature is much colder, you probably will need a pool heater if you want to use it during the cooler months.

When You Use Your Pool

In the above example, daytime swimming in South Florida is probably no big deal without a heater. But the nighttime temperature in winter can go down to the 60s or 50s. So if you plan on using your pool at night in winter in South Florida, a pool heater may be a wise investment.

Similarly, if you live in a cooler climate and you want to use your pool in the shoulder months of early spring or late fall when the temperatures tend to be lower than comfortable for swimming, you probably will want to invest in a pool heater.

Pool Comfort

Some people just don’t like cold pool water. Even if its a refreshing change from the hot, humid temperatures outside. In this instance, a pool heater may be a wise idea because it can bring pool water temperature to a comfortable level regardless of the exterior environment.

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