Easy Pool Maintenance tips for homeowners in Lighthouse Point, FL

If you are one of the lucky home owners in the Florida area you may be familiar with the pool maintenance services in Lighthouse Point, Florida. If not, that’s ok. They understand the fun that comes with owning a pool, but on the flip side of that, they also understand the maintenance and regular cleaning that comes with owning a pool as well. With that in mind they wanted to offer these great tips to make your life as a pool owner a little more on the fun side.   Regular Checks N...

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Using a floating chlorine dispenser

To keep the water pool always clear and well maintained, a good idea can be the use of a floating chlorine dispenser, besides keeping all necessary steps like: control of pH, alkalinity,chlorine, perform the physical maintenance and more, we strongly suggest the use of floating chlorine dispenser to keep the pool water crystal clear and healthy! The chlorine tablets will dissolve slowly in the floating dispenser, maintaining the residual chlorine in the pool. Adjusting the size of the flo...

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