Easy Pool Maintenance tips for homeowners in Lighthouse Point, FL


Pool MaintenanceIf you are one of the lucky home owners in the Florida area you may be familiar with the pool maintenance services in Lighthouse Point, Florida. If not, that’s ok. They understand the fun that comes with owning a pool, but on the flip side of that, they also understand the maintenance and regular cleaning that comes with owning a pool as well. With that in mind they wanted to offer these great tips to make your life as a pool owner a little more on the fun side.

Regular Checks
Now we know that chances are you have children who can’t wait to get in the pool every day and they don’t have to worry about chemicals, bugs or germs. But as a responsible parent, and pool owner, you know that happy kids in the pool equals a clean and safe pool. It is important that you check the chemistry of the pool at least two or three times per week during the warmer months at least once per week in the cooler seasons.
With the regular chemistry checks it will be easy to check out the skimmer box at the same time every chance your there. These easy maintenance checks don’t take a lot of time out of your day, and are there to make sure you and your kids are safe while playing in the pool. This also keeps your pool from getting green, grimy, and slimy.

Safety Rules
If you have owned your pool for any length of time you have already experienced those few friendships of convenience, the unannounced guests, who so conveniently have their swimming attire with them. And of times this means they are bringing toys, inflatables, and yet not enough common sense. We love our friends and our family, but here at the pool maintenance cleaners of Lighthouse Point, Florida have heard it time and again. Your friends come to swim, grill out back and let the pool ‘babysit’. But when something goes wrong, you’re held responsible. Which is why it is so important to go through and make sure that safety rules are posted, stated and repeated.

Pool maintenance isn’t just about making sure the chemicals are right the catalyst tabs are added on time or the skimmer basket is empty. It is also about making sure the area outside and around the pool is safe to walk on, dry when possible, and clear of items that may be tripped on or over.
Owning a pool can be a great leisure, but it is important to remember safety as well.

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