Using a floating chlorine dispenser


To keep the water pool always clear and well maintained, a good idea can be the use of a floating chlorine dispenser, besides keeping all necessary steps like: control of pH, alkalinity,chlorine, perform the physical maintenance and more, we strongly suggest the use of floating chlorine dispenser to keep the pool water crystal clear and healthy!
The chlorine tablets will dissolve slowly in the floating dispenser, maintaining the residual chlorine in the pool. Adjusting the size of the floating dispenser holes will provide a uniform chlorine distribution  in the pool,  maintaining the appearance of the swimming pool in Lighthouse Point, FL with a more crystalline ‘healthy’ water for swimmers.
How to use a floating chlorine dispenser:
Choose the float according to the size of your pool, if your pool is larger you can buy more than one floating chlorine dispenser if necessary. 

Turn the base of the float to adjust the size of the holes according to the size of your pool. 

If you want to use the pool, remove the float and put it in a bucket with water from the pool itself. After use return the bucket with water and float into the pool.

The floating chlorine dispenser will be very helpful for the chemical treatment of your pool. You will only need to vacuuming and cleaning the edges. 

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