Autumn Swimming Safety Tips


temperaturesSummer is coming to an end but the swimming season in South Florida still has weeks or even months to go.

Swimming in the Autumn offers unique challenges. Not only do temperatures tend to be cooler, but Florida’s storm season is in full swing. So here are some tips on keeping you and your family safe while enjoying your pool during the Fall months.

Be Aware of the Weather

The most important thing you can do to ensure safety is to be smart and practical when it comes to the weather. Never use your pool when it is lightning outside. Windy weather also can be dangerous as objects blown by high winds can strike swimmers or people standing on the pool deck.

While cold temperatures are rare in South Florida during the Autumn months, there can sometimes be exceptions to the norm. If the ambient air temperatures falls below comfortable levels, it may be best to wait for a warmer day to enjoy your pool. While the water temperatures may be comfortable, you may risk getting a chill when you climb out of the pool after you are done swimming.

Keeping warm clothing and dry towels nearby can help prolong the swim season. But the best approach is just to use common sense when it comes to weather-related risks.

Swim with Others

Unattended children and swimming pools don’t mix. Keep your family safe by always supervising young children when they are swimming or even playing near your pool. A pool fence offers added protection to keep children out of the water when the pool isn’t in use.

Even adults can get into trouble when swimming alone. If you are planning on using your pool for exercise or to relax on your own it’s a good idea to let somebody else know where you will be.

Fall in Florida is a great time to enjoy your backyard swimming pool. Just make sure you do it sensibly and safely.

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