Closing Your Pool for the Season


poolsOctober is when many homeowners start thinking about the end of the pool season. While you may use your pool on warm weekends and occasionally in the evenings, autumn is when kids go back to school and most people’s jobs start getting busier.

Less leisure time means less time for your pool. But keeping your pool operations when it’s not being used very often can be costly, even wasteful. At some point, it makes more sense simply to shut it down for the season.

Pools Professionals

The problem is closing a pool for the season can be time-consuming. Spending a whole weekend shutting down your pool isn’t anybody’s idea of a good time, especially during the fall when there are so many other demands on your time.

Plus, if you don’t do it properly, it can cause damage to your pool equipment or even to the pool itself. The last thing you want is to go to open your pool again when the warmer weather returns only to realize your heater, pump, or other equipment no longer works.

Peace of Mind

A simple solution is to let your pool professionals take care of closing down your pool for you. The experienced pool technicians at Eagle Pools can take care of the entire process of shutting down your pool for the season without your ever having to worry about a thing. Plus, we will protect the safety of your pool equipment while ensuring your pool is in perfect condition to be reopened once you are ready to start using it again in the spring.

One call to Eagle Pools and you can rest assured that your pool shutdown will go smoothly, safely, and efficiently. We can even schedule a date in the spring for reopening your pool, which gives you something to look forward to throughout the whole winter!

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