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environmentTaking care of the environment while having fun with your family is the best of both worlds. At Eagle Pools, we specialize in helping pool owners transform their pool that includes energy-saving, earth-friendly alternatives.

Traditional pools can use a lot of energy. Things like electric heaters, harsh chemicals, and inefficient mechanics can not only raise utility costs but also threaten the local environment.

But the pool experts at Eagle Pools have the knowledge, experience, and commitment to helping you help the environment through environmentally safe pool practices and equipment.

Save the Earth

Every pool is different. So the solutions that maximize efficiency and minimize energy waste in your pool may be different than your neighbor’s. But there are some things you can do right away that can help the environment while saving you time and enhancing your pool fun.

For example, one of the best ways to make your pool eco-friendly is to switch to a greener cleaner. No, not the color green. While chlorine is one of the most common pool chemicals, it’s also considered a pesticide by the Environmental Protection Agency. And if there’s a chlorine imbalance, it can be harsh on your hair, skin, eyes.

Eco-friendly chlorine alternatives include bromine, PHMB, an Ozonator system, or natural mineral sanitizers.

Solar Power

Solar heaters can keep your pool a comfortable temperature by harnessing the power of the sun whenever possible. Solar heaters use tubes that absorb the sun’s heat and use it to heat the water as it passes through your pool’s filtration system — saving you both energy usage and utility costs.

Combined with a heat pump, solar heaters can keep your pool warm all year round while significantly reducing operational costs.

There are lots of ways to keep your pool safe, clean, and fun without putting the environment at risk. To learn more, consult the experts at Eagle Pools.

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