The Best Time for Scheduled Pool Service
Scheduled Pool Service



When should you have the professional pool technicians from Eagle Pool Service maintain your backyard swimming pool? To be honest, it depends more on your schedule than ours.

The best plan usually is to schedule service at the same time every week (or every two weeks depending on how frequently you want your pool serviced). That way, it’s easier to remember when we are coming.

Morning, Noon, or Night?

The time of day depends on you. We are available nearly every day, generally during daylight hours. At night, it can be too dark to see everything we need to see in order to keep your pool running optimally.

So very early in the morning is fine by us. Or later in the day if that’s better for you. Let us know the best time that fits your schedule and we usually can accommodate your specific needs. And if you schedule service at, for example, Tuesdays at 9 a.m., you can be sure that’s when we will be there every week without fail.

No Need to Be Home

A lot of homeowners ask us if they need to be present when our technicians service their pool. The answer is no, not usually.

The first time we come by, it’s probably a good idea that you are there so you can show us where everything is and we can talk about what you would like done each week. But after that, as long as our technicians have access to your pool there’s really no reason for you to be home — although if you are that’s certainly fine by us.

The only thing we ask is that pets be kept away from the area where we are working. That’s for their safety as much as ours. The last thing we want is for your beloved dog or cat to get into any of the chemicals or equipment we use to keep your pool safe.

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