A Well-Maintained Pool Can Extend Swimming Season



If you want to keep using your pool long after the weather turns cooler, then it’s important that it is properly maintained. A well-kept pool is capable of providing safe, comfortable, and warm swimming much longer into the season than a neglected one.

It’s entirely possible to extend your family’s enjoyment of your backyard swimming pool for weeks, possibly months, after other pools are shut down for the season if you let Eagle Pools take care of its regular maintenance.

Heated Pools

The most important feature for extending your pool season is a heater. And not just any heater. You need one that is designed specifically for your pool type, size, and location.

If your pool doesn’t already have a heater, Eagle Pools is able to recommend, install, and maintain one for you so you and your family can enjoy warm, comfortable pool water long after the average air temperature drops.

Remember, when you are in a warm pool you are perfectly comfortable even if the outside air might require a sweater or jacket. It’s only after you leave the pool that you likely will feel cold. And that can easily be dealt with by means of a dry towel or pool wrap.

Clean and Safe

In addition to warmth, you will also need water that has properly cleaned, filtered, and maintained. Your pool will only perform as well as it is maintained. So having Eagle Pools service your pool long into the fall can keep your swimming uninterrupted while at the same time keeping your family safe.

Pool season doesn’t have to end with the start of the football season. With Eagle Pools, you can enjoy both — at the same time if you want. This fall, extend your swimming pool use with care and maintenance from the pool professionals at Eagle Pools.

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