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pool resurfacing browardBy six months, your baby may already be stimulated by the swimming pool and enjoy many benefits. A recently released study by researchers at the Griffith Institute for Educational Research in Australia shows that the earlier a child learns to swim better is their intellectual development. However, parents and guardians need to be very careful to avoid accidents. To set in protective measures and ensure a fun and safe summer for the small, check out the greatest care that experts recommend.

Use of Flotation Rings 

The necessity of flotation rings will depend on how much the child is accustomed to swim. A professional specializing in infant swimming can help determine this. Using flotation rings or not, it is critical that parents stay even more vigilants when children are at the beach or pool. 

Pools With Great Depth 

Do not sustain the false impression that there are no problems when the child can stand inside the swimming pool – there is risk of drowning in any pool area, even in the shallow part. But it is also true that swimming in pools of greater depth requires even more attention from parents. For children who already know how to swim well, care is the same: parents should be around and always ready to enter the water at any time.

Parents and guardians need to get into the pool?

Infants up to two years old should always be followed, even if they are in a pool 10 inches deep.  Older children may be supervised outside – but always with care.

Playing with buckets

This is for babies: it seems there is no danger leaving the small child playing with a bucket full of water, but drownings can happen during the few seconds that parents are distracted to take a phone call. Most of these accidents occur by careless, as to leave the pool gate unlocked, go out on the front door, or grabbing a towel while the baby is alone playing with buckets or close to the swimming pool, leaving the bathroom door open and uncovered the toilet lid (aged up to two years until toilets can be dangerous), among others.

Eagle Pools Services always care about you and your family and we wish that you can enjoy your pool safely.

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