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boca raton pool maintenance
boca raton pool maintenance

Most people tend to just clean the pool surface by removing leaves, insects and other materials with a pool cleaner sieve , leaving aside other details that make all the difference.
It is important to follow the steps in order and it is also extremely important that the products used for cleaning and maintenance of water are suitable for use in swimming pools.
How to clean your swimming pool:

Step 1 : Cleaning outside the pool (edge , patio, and deck dry)

The wind , the presence of plants and the movement of people and animals cause accumulation of dirt around the pool. So start cleaning around your pool, always towards the edge of the pool out so that dirt does not fall into the water. Remember: for cleaning each type of material (hardwood, marble , stones , etc) there is a specific product .
Step 2 : Skimmer cleaning

The skimmer is a device that constantly captures the dirt from the surface of the water. If the pool has this equipment, you must empty the dirt manually and keep it clean.
Step 3: Cleaning the surface of the water

With the help of a pool cleaner sieve you will remove debris from the water surface such as leaves, bugs, twigs, and all residues that are floating.
Step 4 : Clean the lining of the pool

The pool line cleaning helps to prevent the formation of stains and buildup of algae, fungi, and bacteria. Unless directed the company that built/installed the pool, only use soft brushes for cleaning the lining of the pool, regardless if it’s tile, vinyl, fiber , epoxy paint, stones, wood , etc. 
The use of brushes with metal bristles and steel wool is completely prohibited at the risk of permanently damaging the lining of your pool.
Step 5 : Vacuum Your Pool
After performing the line cleaning, wait a few moments for the pool water decant stay calm so the dirt can go to the pool bottom.
Connect the hose to the suction device. Make sure that the hose is fully submerged and there is no air inside. Another important detail is that only the suction device must be activated, all others in the same line should be in the “closed” position. At least one of the devices return must be “open” so that the water sucked can go back into the pool .
Note also the guidance on the key position of the filter. If you aspire filtering, remember to proceed with cleaning the sand filter following the manufacturer’s instructions .
The aspiration should be performed slowly, this way the decanted dirt does not get re-suspended in water. Pay attention to the corners of the pool because they are usually the places where dirt tends to accumulate more easily and in greater quantity .
When finished vacuuming be careful when removing the hose from the suction device because of the dirt may have been trapped inside the hose and slip back into the pool .
Step 6 : Application of chlorine
Until now we have performed a physical cleaning of the pool. But not all the dirt from the pool is visible to the eyes.
The particular chlorine for the treatment of swimming pool acts as a disinfectant in water. It has bactericidal, fungicidal, and germicidal function and it is essential for the pool to be in a perfect use condition.
Read the product label carefully, and follow the manufacturer’s instruction regarding the amount and method of application of chlorine in your pool .
Remember that granular chlorine without dilution in water or chlorine tablets directly into the pool games can stain and damage coverings like vinyl and fiber.



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