Save a lot of energy by getting pool equipments.


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Do not want to waste your weekends cleaning the pool? Looking for a complete upgrade of the pool equipments? Worried with the high energy expenses that are being incurred owing to the outdated pool equipments?

Even if all your answers are yes to these questions, there is only one solution. You got to take help from the service providers of Pool service Boca Raton based. Most of the pool service providers have evolved themselves from mere cleaning and maintenance jobs but have gathered enough knowledge and exposure to guide their customers on upgrading the pool equipments in a way that saves a lot of energy.

The services that we offer

Talking of the services that are being offered by Pool service Boca Raton companies include cleaning of the pool, acid wash of the pool, resurfacing and remodeling of the pool, detecting the presence of any leak anywhere and doing the needful to get it corrected, check and clean the drainage system and last but not the least, repair and upgrades of pool equipments.

Many pool owners have no idea how much energy they can save by upgrading the heaters, pumps, or filtration panels with the latest equipments which are designed keeping in mind the global craze of saving energy. Eagle Pools Services, the provider of Pool services in Boca Raton ensure that they offer the most affordable and suitable energy efficient upgrades to their clients. There are many ways that the Eagle Pools Services in Boca Raton will guide you to save energy for the operating of the pool thereby cutting down thick corners on the maintenance bills.

Energy saving methods offered

To begin with, switching to LED lights to illuminate the pool is the first step that would save around 70% to 80% energy. The LEDs of 30W or 40W give as much light as its incandescent counterpart of 500W.

Programmable pumps are available that helps in controlling the speed of the pump to make it ideal for the need. You would certainly not need high speed pump for regular filtration process but if you have one you are wasting a lot of energy for doing a routine task. Instead, pool service providers will help you with programmable pumps that have variable speeds and are tested to save at least 90% energy as compared to a single speed or double speed pump.

Geothermal heating systems that are being offered by the pool service providers while they upgrade the pool equipments are known to save as much as 70% energy over conventional heaters. These heating pumps uses energy from both the pool and the ground to provide the optimum water temperature to give you comfort while you are in the pool.

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