Pool Resurfacing from Eagle Pools Cleaning and Repair


The bottom and sides of your pool take a lot of abuse. And they don’t last forever. If you have noticed that the bottom and walls of your pool below the water line are chipping, cracking, or flaking, it may be time for pool resurfacing from Eagle Pools Cleaning and Repair.

Pool resurfacing removes the old, damaged surface of your backyard swimming pool and replaces it with a durable, new surface that can last for years or even a decade with proper care and maintenance. Replacing your pool surface is cheaper and less trouble than renovating your entire pool. In many cases, it’s the best way to add years of life to your pool and add fun back into your family’s life.

Pool Resurfacing

Depending on the size of your pool and the current condition of its walls and floor, your pool resurfacing can take anywhere from a few days to a week more longer to perform. But the results will make the wait worth it.

Your pool will look better than brand new once Eagle Pools completes your pool resurfacing. Plus, you and your family can swim safely and with peace of mind with the knowledge that your pool’s surface has been restored to its original state.

Eagle Pools Cleaning and Repair

Most of the time, our pool technicians will notice that your pool needs resurfacing before you do. That’s because when we are cleaning and surfacing your pool, we pay attention to the condition of its walls and bottom. When we notice the telltale signs of disrepair and aging, we’ll let you know.

Left untreated, deteriorating pool walls and floors are only going to get worse. Eventually, they will create conditions that will make your pool unsafe to use. It’s better to address the situation earlier rather than later so that simple repairs can be made rather than a major overhaul.

Pool resurfacing from  Eagle Pools Cleaning and Repair is the fast, effective, and affordable way to extend the life of your pool.

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