Baby-Proof Your Pool


Are you expecting a new bundle of joy? Having children is one of life’s greatest blessings. But before your new child arrives in your life, it’s important to prepare your home, including baby-proofing your backyard swimming pool with a baby fence.

Baby fences offer a protective barrier between your pool and small children, pets, and other unwanted visitors to your water. They are custom to fit your pool regardless of its size or shape and offer peace of mind for parents who also are pool owners.

Baby Fence

A baby fence is an essential safety measure for families with toddlers. Quite simply, it prevents access to your pool for children who are too young to swim alone by creating a semi-permanent barrier that they can’t get through.

Baby fences are also effective at keeping out curious dogs, cats, and other pets so that they can’t accidentally fall into your pool. As a parent, there are plenty of things that can cause anxiety. But a protective baby fence makes parenting easier by removing one more thing to worry about.

Eagle Pools Cleaning and Repair

At Eagle Pools Cleaning and Repair, our experienced, knowledgeable pool technicians can install your baby fence usually in one day.

As soon as your infant is ready to start walking, baby-proofing your house jumps to Number One on every parent’s list of priorities. Installing a baby fence around your backyard pool will help you feel more confident that your child is safe and secure by removing one more potential danger from your home.



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