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As we always say here, it is very important to keep your swimming pool water free of harmful microorganisms by maintaining recommended levels of chemicals. A proper water circulation is a key to keep the pool water at proper disinfectant levels preventing the growth of algae and pathogens.

The main difference between a swimming pool and a natural body of water is the circulation system.

The skimmer and the main drain remove the water from the pool by suction.

The skimmer weir prevents debris such as bugs and leaves from re-entering the pool when the pump is turned off. The skimmer basket must be emptied about once a week. Once water is collected, it is moved to the filter and, then, back into the pool through the return inlets.

Main drain
Main drains are located at the deepest part of the pool and should be always checked and if there is any broken part the pool should not be used for swimmers before the cover is replaced. The pool operator should follow the code to control the amount and the velocity of the water through main drain.

The process of pumping water creates a risk of entrapment that can cause injury or drowning to people in a pool or spa due to a vacuum flow created by the pump.

As we already discuss in this blog before, about the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act (P&SS Act), a system can be designed to eliminate the possibility of entrapment. The first thing you can do is place a drain cover over any suction outlet to prevent hair entanglement.

Surface water
As you already noticed, where you see the highest concentration of dirt is the surface of the pool. The chemicals levels is usually lower at the surface and there is where people’s ears, nose and eyes are more exposed. That is why he surface water should have the highest percentage of the circulation.

Turnover rate
Turnover rate means the time it takes for the circulation to move the volume of water in the pool through the filtration equipment. The turnover rate requirement it depends on the water use. The following turnover rates are standard necessary daily:
Swimming pools: 6 hours
Spas: 30 minutes

Circulation pump
That is the main part of the circulation system. The pump makes the water moves. Once the pump is turned on it may take time to evacuate the air in the suction line and start pumping the water. You can avoid this by closing the valve ahead of the pump and switch the pump off.

All the dirt it is trapped by a filter cartridge. The filter should be washed every month or as needed and should be changed every year.

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