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Pool leak detection it is something hard to confirm but Eagle Pools Services can help you with your needs!

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Many people contact us stating that their swimming pool is leaking because the water level of the pool has lowered.

But did you know that most of the time the water in the pool can get lower and yet your pool have no leak? One of the causes, for example, can be the evaporation. In a hot and dry day, the water of your pool can get lower up to 5 inches!

As well, there are several reasons for the pool water loss, among them we can mention the maintenance and use of the swimming pool as main causes for the low water level in the pool. Cleaning the filter can cause considerable loss of water and consequently a reduction in the water level of your pool. Even the regular use of the swimming pool may cause a considerable reduction in the level of the water, like, playing water games, jumping, and even entering and leaving constantly, causes a considerable reduction in the level of the water.

What if my pool is leaking?

Most leaks occur in the hydraulic part of the swimming pool, namely, pipes in the engine room and parts of the pool structure.
May also occur leaks due to cracks in the structure of your pool and the imperfections in waterproofing structure.

How to avoid a pool leak?

  • Avoid planting trees around the pool, because the roots can damage the pool plumbing system.
  • Avoid digging around the pool to not damage the pipes.
  •  Hire a serious company with experience in the construction of swimming pools to prevent structural and hydraulic problems.

How do you know if  there is a leak?

Measure the water level for a period of  24 hours to see how many millimeters (mm) of water will decrease.
If the decrease it is up to 3 mm per day, it is normal, due to the effects of evaporation (evaporation depends on several weather factors such as water temperature, low air humidity and strong winds).

Is the pool completely empty or it’s leaking along the way?
If the pool water level decreases more than 3 mm per day, let it get empty but not completely and notice at what level it will stop.
Sometimes if it stops halfway down where there are pipes, this is a strong indication that there is probably a leak in the pool plumbing system.

What are the solutions?

If the problem is located in some pipe, we recommend that you find out the exact spot of the leak.

Generally the leaks are more serious, but are rarer than you think. So before you worry about leaks, make sure is not something that can be avoided with some simple measures of use and maintenance.

Eagle Pools Services has experienced and qualified professionals to locate the leak, since it is quite complicated for a client to detect a leak. So it is important to have a specialized company to rapidly solve the problem,  avoiding you a big headache.

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