Pool Filters Help Keep Swimmers Safe


Pool Filters Help Keep Swimmers SafeOne of the most important elements of your pool is the one most people rarely think about: The pool filter.

The pool filter is actually a system that includes both a water pump and the filter itself. Together, they circulate the water, continually removing dirt, debris, and other impurities before returning the newly cleaned water back into the pool basin

Pool Filters Help Keep Swimmers Safe – Pump Maintenance

When pool filters are working properly, you never have to think about them. They work quietly yet efficiently to rejuvenate your pool water to keep you and your family safe as you enjoy your backyard swimming pool.

But pool filters require periodic attention. Filters need to be checked and, when dirty, cleaned or replaced. The pump needs to be maintained to ensure optimal performance. Failing to properly your pool filtering system can lead to diminished performance or even breakdowns.

Pump Repair

It’s generally not a good idea to wait until a pool filtering system fails before calling in professionals. A properly maintained pump can provide years of safe and efficient service.

Repairing a pump can be time-consuming and inconvenient. The pool usually needs to be taken out of service until the filtering system can be brought back online. And replacing a pool pump can often be costly.

A better plan is to have the pool professionals at Eagle Pools check and maintain your pool filter and pump system to ensure optimal performance. Not only will it keep your pool safe, but it can save you the time and expense of repairs or replacement.

Eagle Pools are the local pool experts you can rely on for critical pool care, including repair, maintenance, cleaning, and more. Don’t put your family at risk. Instead, leave pool cleaning and maintenance to us and enjoy your pool to the fullest without ever having to worry about things like cleaning filters, maintaining pumps, or balancing pool chemicals.

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