Leave the Costumes at Home


pool-deck-chairsIf you have a backyard swimming pool, you already know that it is the perfect setting for hosting special events, such as birthdays, backyard barbecues, and — this month — Halloween parties.

Halloween is the perfect opportunity for bringing friends, neighbors, and families together to get into the spooky spirit and have some holiday fun. But if you are hosting a Halloween bash around your pool this year, you need to remind your guests to leave their Halloween costumes at home – or at least bring a change of swim clothes.

Pool Service Boca Raton — Halloween Fun

Getting dressed up for Halloween is a holiday tradition. And it’s not just for children anymore.

An increasing number of grownups are joining in on the Halloween fun, buying or renting costumes and dressing up to celebrate the year’s spookiest day.

While dressing up for Halloween is fun and exciting, Halloween costumes and swimming pools are two things that generally don’t go together. Most Halloween costumes aren’t designed to be worn in the water.

Masks, in particular, can be extremely dangerous if worn into the pool. Not only can they inhibit your ability to see, but when they get wet there’s an increased chance of masks blocking your mouth or nose, making it difficult or impossible to breathe.

And if you rent a Halloween costume, getting it wet can cause costly damage. You may end up paying a lot more for your costume than you originally thought.

Pool Service Boca Raton — Enjoying Your Home Pool Safely

If you want to host your Halloween party around your backyard pool, your guests will enjoy themselves a lot more if you remind them that costumes should never be worn in the water.

Have fun safely and enjoy your party worry-free by insisting that guests change into the appropriate swimwear before getting into the pool.

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