Chlorine Facts Every Pool Owner Needs to Know


pool-equipmentChlorine is one of the most widely used chemicals for sanitizing pools. That’s because it is a powerful chemical that kills a wide variety of bacteria and other microscopic life forms.

But chlorine also can be dangerous to people if not handled properly. That’s why pool owners need to be extremely careful with not only the amount of chlorine they use, but how it is handled, dispensed, and stored.

Using a professional pool cleaner to maintain your pool allows you to avoid dealing with the dangers of chlorine and other potentially dangerous pool chemicals so you and your family, friends, and neighbors can focus on having fun.

Manual Chlorination

Manually adding chlorine to your pool water can be labor intensive. Yet it’s one of the most common ways for pool owners to maintain safe, sanitary water in their backyard swimming pools.

For the typical backyard pool, the chlorine levels in the pool water need to be tested about once every two days. Then additional chlorine can be added, if necessary, to bring the pool water to optimal chemical levels.

Automated Chlorination

Another option is to use a liquid chemical feeder that fits onto your pool’s existing filtration and automatically pumps fresh chlorine into your pool’s water when the chemical level falls below a pre-set point.

Some automated systems can be programmed to test and treat the water according to intervals set by the user, such as once per day or two. Others include a sensor that continually monitors chemical levels and pH balance in the pool, adding chlorine, acid and other chemicals as needed.

The best approach, however, is to let pool professionals take care of your pool cleaning, chemical treatments, equipment maintenance, and other tasks for you. At Eagle Pool Service, we have the experience and knowledge to keep your pool in optimal condition so you never have to worry about it.

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