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Pool ServicePool technicians can visit your home anytime during the morning, afternoon, or early evening depending on when it’s most convenient for you. We work according to your schedule, not ours.

In fact, after the initial visit, you really don’t even have to be home during your regularly scheduled pool cleanings and service appointments. Once we know where everything is and what specific tasks you want to be performed, we are more than capable of doing them on our own without your presence.

Best Times for Service

Generally, the best time for pool service is when your pool is least likely to be in use. The last thing we want is to have to ask you and your guests to take a break from having fun so we can clean and service your pool.

Early to mid-morning usually work best, especially early in the swimming season when kids might still be in school. In spring and early summer, temperatures are lower than they are later in the day so it might be more convenient for us to clean your pool then.

But some people to have their pool serviced in the early afternoon or even the early evening. Weekdays are usually better than weekends, but again there are some clients who prefer to have us clean their pool on weekend mornings so that it is nice and clean for their weekend guests.

Changing or Canceling Your Appointment

During the swimming season, our technicians will service your pool weekly, bi-weekly, or according to whatever schedule you would like. If the pool is being used frequently, we recommend weekly cleaning. But it’s really up to you.

Once your regular appointment has been scheduled, we will be there at the same time and date until we hear differently from you. If you ever need to change the time of your appointment or cancel it altogether simply give us a call. We are more than happy to accommodate any reasonable request.

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