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environmentTaking care of the environment while having fun with your family is the best of both worlds. At Eagle Pools, we specialize in helping pool owners transform their pool that includes energy-saving, earth-friendly alternatives.

Traditional pools can use a lot of energy. Things like electric heaters, harsh chemicals, and inefficient mechanics can not only raise utility costs but also threaten the local environment.

But the pool experts at Eagle Pools have the knowledge, experience, and commitment to helping you help the environment through environmentally safe pool practices and equipment.

Save the Earth

Every pool is different. So the solutions that maximize efficiency and minimize energy waste in your pool may be different than your neighbor’s. But there are some things you can do right away that can help the environment while saving you time and enhancing your pool fun.

For example, one of the best ways to make your pool eco-friendly is to switch to a greener cleaner. No, not the color green. While chlorine is one of the most common pool chemicals, it’s also considered a pesticide by the Environmental Protection Agency. And if there’s a chlorine imbalance, it can be harsh on your hair, skin, eyes.

Eco-friendly chlorine alternatives include bromine, PHMB, an Ozonator system, or natural mineral sanitizers.

Solar Power

Solar heaters can keep your pool a comfortable temperature by harnessing the power of the sun whenever possible. Solar heaters use tubes that absorb the sun’s heat and use it to heat the water as it passes through your pool’s filtration system — saving you both energy usage and utility costs.

Combined with a heat pump, solar heaters can keep your pool warm all year round while significantly reducing operational costs.

There are lots of ways to keep your pool safe, clean, and fun without putting the environment at risk. To learn more, consult the experts at Eagle Pools.

Professionalism and the Pool Service Technician

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There are many pool services out there and they are there in order to help you fix any issues with your pools and provide maintenance and advice. The problem is that there are many of those services that don’t provide the most important aspect of the pool maintenance business and that is proper and professional customer service. If you want to get the best possible service you need to look for people who are not only skilled at their job, but also with customer service.

picture of little kids enjoying in swimming pool
picture of little kids enjoying in swimming pool

A proper pool technician is someone who can always provide the most accurate results and the best solutions for your needs. This is going to make it very easy for you to get the best service available. In order to be able to find that kind of service, you should use the internet as your main research tool. If the company you are going to hire has been working for several years, there is no way you won’t be able to find them online.

Look for the company and search their website. If they don’t have a website, at least make sure that they have a social media page. The truth is that a serious company without a website is no longer acceptable, but if they have no internet presence at all, this should be a red flag for you to look for someone else.

Once you have checked their online presence, you can also look for reports from other customers. There are many websites that are dedicated to posting reviews about companies. This is a great way to find out, but you can also ask relatives and friends if they have ever used the company you plan to hire. The important thing is to always do some research before hiring anyone.


Pool Shock Treatment


A pool without treatment for a long time can turn green due to algae infestation, in this case,  it is necessary to provide a special treatment called shock. This treatment is also necessary when the pool is contaminated with feces or dead animals.

The Pool Shock Treatment is characterized by the addition of chlorine in the pool above the regular amount. Normally we add 14 grams of granular chlorine for every 1000 liters of water in the pool.


The shock treatment in the pool is used when there is a very serious problem in the pool and only the excess chlorine can solve, such as:

Heavy rains;

Water contamination by dead animals or feces;

 Excess organic material in water;

A large number of swimmers attending the pool daily;

Green water and signs of algae growth;

Complaints of burning eyes or strong chlorine odor;

Unpleasant odor in the pool;

Shock treatment in the swimming pool

Check and adjust the levels of alkalinity (80-120 ppm) and pH (7.0 to 7.4).  Add 14 g of chlorine granules per cubic meter of water.


After the addition of extra chlorine, all the dirt from the water would fall to the bottom of the pool.  Now we will be able to vacuum the bottom.

pool shok treatment

Eagle Pools Services is prepared and qualified to undertake the treatment of your pool keeping it always clean and clear!

Call us today for a free estimate (561) 665-7333

Solar pool cover

In Coral Springs, FL we have a very nice and hot summer, why don’t take advantage of that to keep our pool warm?

The solar pool cover it is made to be placed on the surface of the pool water to keep your pool heated and protected.

Usually made of a plastic film of polyethylene with UV treatment against ultraviolet rays, the solar pool cover can increase your pool temperature by 15 degrees.

The solar pool cover in a heated pool it is very helpful because it does facilitate the pool cleaning and maintenance, also reduces the consumption of electric energy spent by the heating system and water consumption (because of evaporation). 

  • With the solar pool cover you can reduce by more than 30 the power consumption with the pool heating;
  • Saving water because it prevents a lot of water loss by evaporation.
  • Reduces the amount of impurities that fall into the pool, making cleaning easier;
  • Keeps heated for longer;
  • The chemical treatment facilitates the pool since it reduces evaporation of the product added to the water;
  • Also reduces the proliferation of algae in the pool, it drastically reduces the brightness that the pool gets.

pool service coral springs

The main disadvantage of the cover it is removing it and put it back in the pool, even with a reel cover it can be very exhausting if the pool in question has large.

You also should have a place to store the cover when it is out of the pool to avoid any damage caused by the sun exposition.

It will require some cleaning to avoid that dirty with some impurity as decanter or granular chlorine pool damage the pool.

Need some help? Eagle Pools Services provides pool service in Coral Springs, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, and Lighthouse Point. Call us today for a free estimate (561) 665-7333

How to remove the stains from your pool

The problem with stains can happen in masonry pools (insert, tile, porcelain tile) and also in vinyl pools. 

It is interesting, first of all, check the type of stain that comes in your pool. Should identify what kind of stain is it in the pool vinyl pools, there is a certain manufacturing defects that encourages the growth of a species of fungus that eventually stain the walls and the bottom of the pool.

The vinyl pool usually has several years of warranty against manufacturing defects and these spots caused by fungi, are considered a manufacturing defect.

 There are several factors that can cause stains in the pool:

– Development of algae

– Metals used in water supplies

– Cracks allowing penetration of dirt and organic matter at the base of the coating

pool cleaning service boca raton


How to remove a stain from your swimming pool

Leave a trichlor tablet in contact with the stained surface;

Leave the tablet until the stain is gone completely, remembering to scrub daily local stained 

During this period the pool should not be used if the chlorine content exceeding 3 ppm , and to use it, the tablets should be removed and stored in a plastic bucket with pool water.


Stains on fiber and vinyl pool 

Stains on vinyl pools or fiber can be removed by lowering the pH to below pH 6.8 using reducer. Lowering the pH becomes acidic water and softens stains making them easy to remove. 

The treatment may have the duration of one week, during this period the pool will be closed, and brushing of spots on the surface of the pool should be performed with a brush. Do not use abrasive materials. 

After removing stain, vacuum the bottom of the pool with the filter in the drain position. Adjust the parameters of alkalinity and pH, keep the chlorine content of between 1 and 3 ppm.


Pool cleaning service 33432

Eagle Pools Services provides skilled labor required to perform an excellent pool cleaning service. Performing the maximum technical accuracy, being supervised daily by our technicians, and our professionals are constantly trained and qualified to perform the best treatment according to the needs of each client.

Eagle Pools Services is recommended for residential and commercial pool cleaning, maintenance, repairs and more!

We offer pool cleaning services, maintenance and repair in Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Parkland and surrounding areas.

Zip codes: 33431, 33432, 33433, 33434, 33444, 33445, 33486, 33487, 33496.

Does your pool need an upgrade?

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How is your pool looking? Eagle Pools Services is specialized in Pool Remodeling Boca Raton and Coral Springs, if your pool is looking old, we can make it looks like new again!

See our work above using Diamond Brite® and new tiles:

Diamond Brite® is a finishing product designed for pools, spas, wet areas, and more. It’s product designed for the decoration of new or old pools.

Diamond Brite® is a pool liner made of quartz, one of purest minerals and durable nature. They are manufactured with methods computerized quality control, providing maximum performance.

Even after some time and cleaning  processes, the bright colors of Diamond Brite® will not fade or age, they will be even more
alive and highlighted.

Each component of Diamond Brite® is carefully selected, their quartz concentrations are unchanged even with the strongest chemicals for swimming pools.

The high polymer technology used together with the dedicated Portland cement, and increase strength, improve the alloy and to reduce water penetration.

Benefits of using Diamond Brite®:

  • Consistency
  • Durability
  • 10 year warranty
  • Etch resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Improved bonding
  • Reduced water penetration
  • Increased hardness
  • Smooth non-skin surface

Don’t hesitate in contacting Eagle Pools Services for your remodeling or resurfacing needs.

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Don’t forget your sunscreen!

The sun is good for us but we must use it correctly to not harm the skin and compromise our health. In the pool, in addition to sun exposure, our skin also suffer from the effects of chlorine. The first step is to protect yourself properly, choosing a sunscreen that blocks dangerous sun rays. Use sunscreen with Protection Factor (SPF) of 15 to 70, according to the skin type (light or dark skin) and limit the exposure time. Reapply the sunscreen every 40-90 minutes and specially after using the pool as the concentration of chlorine in pool water also has variations and it helps to remove the sunscreen faster.


  • Apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure, the skin can absorb the product in order to have the desired effect protection.
  • Sunscreen should be reapplied after going in to water or sunning more than two hours.
  • Use the right sunscreen, if you have oily skin you should use the filter in the form of gel or oil-free. For normal skin, any type will work well like gels, creams and lotions.
  • Don’t use an expired sunscreen.


How to keep the body healthy tan without damaging the skin


pool cleaning coral springs

The sunscreen protects skin from cancer, aging, and helps prevent blemishes, wrinkles and sagging. Another important point is that, when using the product, the body has time to promote a gradual increase in melanin that allows effective and acquire gradually a lightweight and safe tan. Its use should be constant and we must not forget that besides the face, areas such as lips, ears and hands should also be protected as they are ends that are exposed all the time. 
The whiter one’s skin, the greater must be the protection factor. It is also important to avoid the sun between 10am and 3pm, when its rays are more intense. The protection can be accomplished with the use of a hat.
In the body, you should apply sunscreen with SPF 30 in sun-exposed areas such as arms, chest and legs. Long pants and long sleeve lightweight fabrics are also good options. To gain the desired tan without excessive sun exposure is necessary to maintain a rich diet  at least one month before starting the process and also during the period of intense outdoor exposure. It should also hydrate the body by drinking plenty of fluids, and apply daily facial and body moisturizers compatible with the type of skin after bathing. Another tip is to make a weekly exfoliation in areas such as elbows, knees and feet. The main habit to keep a healthy tan and longer is to cultivate an balanced diet is essential for the proper functioning of the whole organism. Skin being the largest organ we have, then nothing better than to eat well, to keep skin, nails and hair healthy and beautiful. In addition to maintaining proper hydration, it is worth remembering that the person overreacted in the first days of sun exposure, the chance of skin peeling is greater. 

A balanced diet is always vital, regardless of whether or not a person exposed to the sun. But some foods improve skin appearance and enhance your tan naturally. They are: carrots, papaya, mango, melon, pumpkin, orange and green leaves, such as parsley, cabbage, kale, spinach and watercress, rich in beta carotene, the nutrient that turns into vitamin A in the body and protects cells from sun damage . Other healthy habits is to eat balanced diet in liquid form of water or juices, which help in proper functioning of cellular metabolism throughout the body. 

It is essential to maintain a sunscreen with SPF 30, which must be applied in sun-exposed areas such as face, chest, neck, arms, hands and legs, even when you’re not at the beach or pool. 

The main sin that a person commits is NOT use sunscreen. If the person does not protect, as an immediate result, it will have a sunburn redness, pain, blistering, peeling, clear blemishes and dark without tan. As a late consequence, we highlight aging, and skin cancer. Today, sunscreens are increasingly developed and adapted to each skin type. 

Depending on the color of the skin, the protection factor must be greater. Fair skins need SPF 30. Already in black skins only SPF 15 is effective.

Anyone who has oily skin should use the filter in the form of gel and oil-free lotions. Have normal or combination skin adapt well to fluids, gels, creams and lotions, oil-free

Pressure washing around your pool

It’s very nice to a have a pool in Coral Springs, FL where the sun shines all year long! But it’s nicer to get your pool ready to be used whenever you want it, that’s why its important to keep your pool clean

To keep your pool clean its ideal to maintain the area around nice and clean, avoiding dirty going inside your pool.  Implementing a weekly pool cleaning routine will guarantee a clean and clear pool all year long.

The high pressure washers are devices designed to cause increased pressure in the flow of water passing through its interior, designing it with a sturdy hose. Channeled in the form of jet, the water is thrown with great force and precision, thus making it a much more effective and indispensable for cleaning surfaces in general coupled.

When a heavier cleaning is necessary, whether at home, in the garage, in the garden, cleaning the car or even something more professional, the pressure washers are useful.
They use a high-pressure system connected to the flow of water that feeds the machine, which in most cases remove the need of using brushes and mops.

This type of washer is suitable for washing floors, walls, pools, bars, cars, trucks and other large vehicles, watercraft, gardens, among others.

Eagle Pools Services also offer a pressure washing in Coral Springs, FL to best suit your cleaning needs. Call us for a free estimate (561) 665-7333.

Save money taking care of your pool

A constant pool maintenance may avoid frustration and can minimize the requirement for emergency runs to the pool store for chemicals or alternative additives, helping you to save money.   pool service coral springs

Test Your Pool Water Routinely: take a look at the balance of water is one in every of the foremost necessary stuff you should do. That keeps your water disinfected, clean and safe. Also, take a look at the chlorine and PH concentration levels at least two times per week.

Skim, Brush and Vacuum Your Pool Regularly: There’s lots of stuff out there which will get into your pool, creating a cloudy look. Swimmers will carry in sunscreen, oils and alternative things, also there’s dirt, sediment and leaves processing within the air which will all create more work for your filtration system. Use a hand skimmer, brush the walls and vacuum its floor typically.

Don’t forget to get rid of any leaves and detritus within the skimmer baskets.

Keep Your Deck Clean: The less mess there’s on the deck close your pool, the less stuff will be blown or carried into it. Also a decent sweeping can keep your pool pristine. Some pool homeowners forget to clean the realm close the pool, which may simply cause the pool to become contaminated. Scrub this space down with bleach on an everyday basis.

Keep your Pool Filter Clean: If you have got a cartridge-based filter, confirm to see if its clean or replace your filters once they’re dirty. If you’re employing a sand filter, confirm to backwash and clean your filter screens once they need it.  

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