Pool Shock Treatment


A pool without treatment for a long time can turn green due to algae infestation, in this case,  it is necessary to provide a special treatment called shock. This treatment is also necessary when the pool is contaminated with feces or dead animals.

The Pool Shock Treatment is characterized by the addition of chlorine in the pool above the regular amount. Normally we add 14 grams of granular chlorine for every 1000 liters of water in the pool.


The shock treatment in the pool is used when there is a very serious problem in the pool and only the excess chlorine can solve, such as:

Heavy rains;

Water contamination by dead animals or feces;

 Excess organic material in water;

A large number of swimmers attending the pool daily;

Green water and signs of algae growth;

Complaints of burning eyes or strong chlorine odor;

Unpleasant odor in the pool;

Shock treatment in the swimming pool

Check and adjust the levels of alkalinity (80-120 ppm) and pH (7.0 to 7.4).  Add 14 g of chlorine granules per cubic meter of water.


After the addition of extra chlorine, all the dirt from the water would fall to the bottom of the pool.  Now we will be able to vacuum the bottom.

pool shok treatment

Eagle Pools Services is prepared and qualified to undertake the treatment of your pool keeping it always clean and clear!

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Solar pool cover

In Coral Springs, FL we have a very nice and hot summer, why don’t take advantage of that to keep our pool warm?

The solar pool cover it is made to be placed on the surface of the pool water to keep your pool heated and protected.

Usually made of a plastic film of polyethylene with UV treatment against ultraviolet rays, the solar pool cover can increase your pool temperature by 15 degrees.

The solar pool cover in a heated pool it is very helpful because it does facilitate the pool cleaning and maintenance, also reduces the consumption of electric energy spent by the heating system and water consumption (because of evaporation). 

  • With the solar pool cover you can reduce by more than 30 the power consumption with the pool heating;
  • Saving water because it prevents a lot of water loss by evaporation.
  • Reduces the amount of impurities that fall into the pool, making cleaning easier;
  • Keeps heated for longer;
  • The chemical treatment facilitates the pool since it reduces evaporation of the product added to the water;
  • Also reduces the proliferation of algae in the pool, it drastically reduces the brightness that the pool gets.

pool service coral springs

The main disadvantage of the cover it is removing it and put it back in the pool, even with a reel cover it can be very exhausting if the pool in question has large.

You also should have a place to store the cover when it is out of the pool to avoid any damage caused by the sun exposition.

It will require some cleaning to avoid that dirty with some impurity as decanter or granular chlorine pool damage the pool.

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Vinyl Pool Liner

Pools built in brick with tile flooring, require periodic maintenance. Over the years, chemicals and the action of the sun cause inevitable wear and cracks that arise between the tiles ending up in a permanent water infiltration.

The characteristics of the construction, repair and maintenance costs are relatively high. Moreover, in many cases, even if you make the necessary repairs and partial or full replacement of tiles, there is no guarantee that the leaks will disappear because the infiltration by fissures are usually located in difficult places and normally are structural cracks.

To solve these problems, waterproofing is not enough to put an end to leaks and often the full reconstruction of the pool ends up being necessary, not to mention the hydraulic network that should probably be rebuilt due to the demolition processes. Therefore the costs to make these maintenances are too expensive and take very long time to be completed.

However, all this can be avoided quickly, intelligently and efficiently with a touch of decorative vinyl flooring offers, and much more economical.


Before performing any of the vinyl siding installation, we should corrected with a thin crust all the imperfections of the coating tiled walls or even replace the missing tiles with special care cleaning needed both in the pool and around it,  avoiding debris or small pebbles.

The processes of vinyl installation is very simple and quick, just by following the manufacturer’s guidelines on the procedures necessary for this purpose. 




Pool cleaning service 33432

Eagle Pools Services provides skilled labor required to perform an excellent pool cleaning service. Performing the maximum technical accuracy, being supervised daily by our technicians, and our professionals are constantly trained and qualified to perform the best treatment according to the needs of each client.

Eagle Pools Services is recommended for residential and commercial pool cleaning, maintenance, repairs and more!

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Does your pool need an upgrade?

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How is your pool looking? Eagle Pools Services is specialized in Pool Remodeling Boca Raton and Coral Springs, if your pool is looking old, we can make it looks like new again!

See our work above using Diamond Brite® and new tiles:

Diamond Brite® is a finishing product designed for pools, spas, wet areas, and more. It’s product designed for the decoration of new or old pools.

Diamond Brite® is a pool liner made of quartz, one of purest minerals and durable nature. They are manufactured with methods computerized quality control, providing maximum performance.

Even after some time and cleaning  processes, the bright colors of Diamond Brite® will not fade or age, they will be even more
alive and highlighted.

Each component of Diamond Brite® is carefully selected, their quartz concentrations are unchanged even with the strongest chemicals for swimming pools.

The high polymer technology used together with the dedicated Portland cement, and increase strength, improve the alloy and to reduce water penetration.

Benefits of using Diamond Brite®:

  • Consistency
  • Durability
  • 10 year warranty
  • Etch resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Improved bonding
  • Reduced water penetration
  • Increased hardness
  • Smooth non-skin surface

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