Vinyl Pool Liner


Pools built in brick with tile flooring, require periodic maintenance. Over the years, chemicals and the action of the sun cause inevitable wear and cracks that arise between the tiles ending up in a permanent water infiltration.

The characteristics of the construction, repair and maintenance costs are relatively high. Moreover, in many cases, even if you make the necessary repairs and partial or full replacement of tiles, there is no guarantee that the leaks will disappear because the infiltration by fissures are usually located in difficult places and normally are structural cracks.

To solve these problems, waterproofing is not enough to put an end to leaks and often the full reconstruction of the pool ends up being necessary, not to mention the hydraulic network that should probably be rebuilt due to the demolition processes. Therefore the costs to make these maintenances are too expensive and take very long time to be completed.

However, all this can be avoided quickly, intelligently and efficiently with a touch of decorative vinyl flooring offers, and much more economical.


Before performing any of the vinyl siding installation, we should corrected with a thin crust all the imperfections of the coating tiled walls or even replace the missing tiles with special care cleaning needed both in the pool and around it,  avoiding debris or small pebbles.

The processes of vinyl installation is very simple and quick, just by following the manufacturer’s guidelines on the procedures necessary for this purpose. 




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