Adding Pool Lighting Extends Swim Time
Pool Lighting Extends



Pool lighting allows you and your family to enjoy your pool long after the sun goes down. Imagine swimming after dinner, hosting an evening pool party for your friends, or simply floating in your pool alone after everyone else has gone to bed.

Installing pool lighting post-construction isn’t as complicated as you might think. While it requires the pool to be drained for the lights to be put into place, the whole project usually won’t take your pool out of service for more than a day or two.

Interior vs. Exterior Lighting

There are two ways to illuminate your pool: From above and from below. Most backyards already have some sort of exterior lighting, such as flood lamps attached to the home and pointed toward the swimming pool.

But interior lighting is built into the walls of the pool and shines from below the water level. They allow you to use your pool long after dark while adding an element of luxury and prestige to your backyard swimming pool. Your family, friends, and neighbors will be impressed with how incredible your pool looks with the lights on once it gets dark. And they won’t be able to wait and enjoy the pool long into the night.

Eagle Pools

Eagle Pools is one of South Florida’s fastest growing providers of pool accessories and upgrades, including in-pool lighting. Our team of experienced, professional installers can quickly upgrade your pool with lighting below the water level, allowing you to enjoy your pool longer.

If you want to extend the usable hours of your pool, impress your friends and neighbors, and add value to your home, upgrading to pool lighting is one of the easiest and fastest ways to accomplish all three objectives. Call Eagle Pools today and learn how pool lighting can make your pool more fun while enjoying it longer.

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