Working with Pool Chemicals Can Be Risky


Working with Pool Chemicals Can Be RiskyParents with teenagers often want to teach them responsibility and the value of a dollar by assigning them household chores. When teens earn an allowance by doing things like mowing the lawn, cleaning their rooms, or even helping out with the shopping or cooking, it not only gives them a little extra pocket change but also helps build their self-esteem.

That’s a worthwhile goal. But one job that shouldn’t be assigned to teenagers is performing technical maintenance on the family pool.

Working with Pool Chemicals Can Be Risky – The Dangers of Pool Chemicals

Some pool tasks are fine for teenagers to do, including skimming debris from the water’s surface or even running the vacuum cleaner along the pool’s bottom.

But other more complicated tasks should be avoided. These include using pool chemicals and maintaining or repairing pool equipment. The reason why is that there is simply too much at risk.

Anybody inexperienced with working with pool chemicals — whether they are teenagers or the homeowners themselves — risk injuring themselves or others by spilling hazardous materials or adding the wrong amounts to the pool’s water. This can put everybody who uses the pool in danger.

Similarly, trying to fix machinery you aren’t familiar with can lead to injury or damage to the equipment itself. If that occurs, the valuable lesson you wanted to teach your teen just got a lot more costly.

Rely on the Professionals at Eagle Pools

You wouldn’t have your teenager fix your car if they didn’t know anything about auto mechanics. And you probably wouldn’t trust them to replace your home’s heating and air conditioning system. So why ask them to do a job they know nothing about when it comes to your family pool?

A safer option is to leave the technical jobs to the professionals. There are still plenty of things your teen can do to earn money around the house. Just leave the pool work to the experienced technicians at Eagle Pools.

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