‘Why Is My Pool Green?’
Pool Green


Sometimes you wake up, walk outside and look at your pool only to discover that overnight the water has turned green. This happens more frequently than you might think.

A green pool usually is the result of an algae bloom, a bacterial infection, or another type of rapid organic growth usually caused by a chemical imbalance combined with poor maintenance. The chemicals used to keep your pool clear and sparkling are powerful. But when they fail, the pool water can change color very quickly, even overnight, as the carbon-based organisms in the water reproduce exponentially.

Shock Treatment

Usually, at that point, it’s too late to depend on your regular chemical treatment to return the water to its original clarity. Green, orange, or cloudy pools typically require a shock treatment.

This entails draining your pool, removing all of the debris, and spraying the floors and walls with Muriatic acid. This kills the organisms that caused the bloom in the first place, as well as neutralizes the acid accumulated in the pool bowl.

Your pool is then brushed thoroughly and rinsed with fresh water before being refilled. Finally, the chemicals are rebalanced properly to prevent another growth from happening.

Eagle Pools

Sudden color change or cloudiness in your pool can be alarming. But it can quickly be fixed by the experts at Eagle Pools. Our experienced, professional pool technicians can give your pool a quick shock treatment and get it up and running usually by the same day.

Then we can service your pool regularly, cleaning the floors and walls, skimming the surfaces, and checking your filters before balancing your pool chemicals properly to prevent future problems.

Don’t let pool water discoloration ruin your day. Just call Eagle Pools and let the experts get your pool back in operation and safe for your family to use again in no time at all!

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