When Did You Last Change Your Pool Filter?


collage maintenance of a private pool FilterWhen speaking to new or potential clients, one of the first questions our pool technicians usually ask is, “When did you last change your pool filter?” You would be surprised by how frequently the response is “What pool filter?”

It’s not actually that surprising. When people purchase pools or have them installed by professional contractors, they rarely read through the instruction manual. Instead, they are anxious to jump in and have fun in their new pool.

Pool Pumps 101

Most modern pools have a pump that continually moves the water out of the pool and through a series of tubes or pipes. Located in the middle of this system on most pools is a paper or sponge-like filter which can capture everything from microparticles to large debris so that they can’t get cycled back into the pool water.

Over time, these filters can get filled with gunk. And if they aren’t changed according to a regular schedule, they can become completely full and no longer able to accept more pool contaminants. What happens then? These particulates get pumped right back into the pool water where they can potentially cause harm to you and your family.

Changing Filters

How often do you need to change your pool filters? That depends on a number of different factors, including the size of your pool, its frequency of use, and what type of filters and pump system you have. Generally, however, changing the pool filter about once every four to six weeks is recommended by most manufacturers.

Forgetting to change your pool filter — or never changing it at all — can cause the water to discolor. It also can result in an algae bloom or another unhealthy and costly problem to develop.

Don’t worry about your filters. Instead, let the pool professionals at Eagle Pools service your pool according to a regular schedule. We will clean your pool, maintain your equipment, and change your pool filter according to the manufacturer’s specific recommendations.

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