Three Children’s Games That Can Make You Feel Like a Kid Again


There’s a certain point in your life when it’s no longer cool to play in the pool. Sometime around the early to middle teens, kids become too self-conscious to enjoy playing fun games in the water with their friends.

Instead, the pool becomes a place to hang out, look cool, and definitely not act like a child.

Pool Cleaning Boca Raton — Growing Up

While acting more mature is a natural part of growing up, it’s also unfortunate that young people have to stop having as much fun in the pool as they used to. But it also doesn’t have to last forever.

By the time young people become young adults, they often rediscover the carefree joy of simply playing like a child again. Often this discovery occurs when they are teaching their own children the mindless pool games they enjoyed when they were younger.

Pool Cleaning Boca Raton — Play These Pool Games Today

Do you remember “Marco Polo”? No, not the European explorer who founded the silk road connecting the Western and Eastern trade worlds. The pool game!

It goes like this: One person keeps their eyes closed and says “Marco”. All the other players reply “Polo”. The person with their eyes closed then has to try to find and tag the other players based only on the sound of their voices.

Or how about “Dive”. In this fun pool game, a small object such as a coin or a small toy is thrown into the middle of the pool. Then all the other players have to try to dive to the bottom to be the first to find it.

Another fun pool game is “It”. One person is designated as “It”. He or she must then try to tag the other players, who can use a ladder or some other area as a “safe zone”.

Playing like a child in the pool is fun, as long as you aren’t too cool to enjoy it!

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