Taking Care of Your Pool Toys


Taking Care of Your Pool ToysPool toys are a colorful, fun, and exciting addition to any backyard swimming pool. But to get the most out of them, pool owners need to take care of them.

While many people think pool toys are inexpensive and easily replaceable, the truth is that high-quality pool toys, flotation devices, and other common additions to a backyard swimming pool aren’t as cheap and disposable as they used to be. Taking proper care of them can not only save money but also make using a backyard pool more enjoyable year after year.

Pool Service Boca Raton — Safe Keeping

When pool toys aren’t in use, they should be kept somewhere safe and secure. Keeping pool toys locked up is a good idea because it prevents them from being stolen and discourages thieves from coming onto your property.

If they are filled with air — such as inflatable rafts or colorful children’s toys — they should be deflated completely before being stored. This will keep them from blowing away in windy weather or becoming weather-worn due to prolonged exposure to the elements. Keeping pool toys out of the sun, rain, and cool temperatures will help them last longer.

Taking Care of Your Pool Toys – Pool Toy Care

Many of today’s inflatable pool toys come with a tiny air pump to make filling them with air easier and faster. Anybody who remembers the old days of filling pool toys by blowing into them can appreciate this new innovation in pool toy technology.

Keep in mind that a pump for one inflatable pool device can often be used for multiple purposes. Taking care of the pump by keeping it stored in a safe place — and one where you remember where it is — can save you hours of labor and make returning your pool toys to service faster and easier.

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