Spring Cleaning for Your Pool


SpringIt’s spring! That means it’s the time of year for throwing open the windows, rolling up your sleeves, and tackling the deep home cleaning you have been putting off since New Year’s.

Spring cleaning is a seasonal tradition in most homes. So shouldn’t it also extend to your backyard swimming pool as well? This spring, consider adding spring cleaning for your pool while getting your house ready for summer.

Long Winter Slumber

In most places, outdoor pools have been pretty idle most of the winter. Even in South Florida, where it never truly gets super freezing cold, the temperature dips just enough to make taking a swim a little uncomfortable during the dead of winter.

Anytime your pool isn’t in constant use, it needs to be cleaned — especially if you aren’t running the pumps and checking the filters and traps frequently. In winter, pool maintenance tends to take a backseat. But as the temperatures outside rise, so should your interest in keeping your pool clean and safe.

Wake Up to Spring!

Spring is the perfect time to give your pool the deep cleaning it needs to get ready for the busy summer swimming season. If you haven’t been using your pool all winter, you should consider paying extra attention to replacing filters, scrubbing out traps, skimming the surface, and vacuuming the bottom and walls.

You may even consider draining your pool altogether and giving everything a good scrubbing so that it’s in perfect shape for summer.

Eagle Pools specializes in providing deep cleaning services for backyard residential pools, as well as routine, continual maintenance and service all year round.

Need to clean your pool? Leave it to the trusted professionals at Eagle Pools. We will get your pool ready for summer so you never have to worry about winter’s buildup of dirt and debris.

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