Spring Best Time for Big Projects


Spring Best Time for Big ProjectsSwimming pools require regular maintenance and cleaning. But periodically, they also require big projects such as resurfacing, repainting, or replacement of filters, pumps, or heaters.

For many pool owners, spring is often the best time to tackle big projects that take pools out of service for a period of time. That’s not to say pools aren’t used in springtime. But they tend to be busier in summer, winter, and fall.

Florida Tourist Season

In South Florida, there is not really any downtime for swimming pools. Typically, anyplace south of Orlando it is warm enough to swim almost all year round. There may be a few weeks in the dead of winter when the temperatures dip into the 50s or 40s but it’s more likely that it will remain sunny and pleasant even then.

That creates a dilemma for pool owners scheduling a big project. The snowbirds come in fall, winter, and spring so the pool needs to be available. But in summer, when the tourists leave, Florida residents rely on their pools to stay cool in the heat and humidity.

So unless you want to inconvenience your guests or suffer through the worst of summer there is only a small window of opportunity for shutting down your pool for a week or two.

Shoulder Seasons

There is a brief period after Spring Break has ended and before the truly hot weather sets in where it’s most convenient to shut down your pool, whether it’s a backyard swimming pool or a commercial pool. That’s generally the busy season for most pool contractors as they scramble to get pools ready for summer and also schedule the big jobs like resurfacing and equipment replacement.

So if your pool needs a big project, now would be the time to call Eagle Pool Service before the really busy season begins.

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