Signs Your Pools Needs Resurfacing


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Pools provide years of enjoyment and fun for families. But pool surfaces don’t last forever, especially in South Florida where they are exposed to high temperatures and plenty of direct sunlight.

So how can you tell if it’s time to resurface your backyard swimming pool? Here are a few things to watch out for.

Peeling or Flaking Plaster

When pool surfaces start to fail, the first place you may notice it is around the steps or floor. Flaking or peeling plaster in these areas is known as spalling. This typically is caused by sustained low pH or low calcium levels caused by improper chemical balancing. And because the floating chlorinator usually is located near the steps or stairs, this is where the first signs of spalling start to appear.

Staining is another common sign that your pool surface needs to be replaced. Stains can often be removed during routine cleaning, but if they aren’t addressed properly and promptly they can cause the water to become discolored or unclear. Brush away stains too harshly and it can cause the surface to pull away, resulting in the need for resurfacing.

Cracks and Rough Areas

You are walking across the floor or your pool and your feet sense rough patches. You look down to see pebbling, cracks, or other roughness. This typically means the floor surface is starting to pull away from the underlying concrete. Draining your pool and cleaning it with an acid wash can sometimes take care of this problem. But if it is too severe, your pool may need resurfacing.

Eagle Pools specializes in diagnosing and treating all sorts of pool problems. Our experienced pool experts can give you an honest assessment of whether your pool needs to be simply cleaned, can benefit from an easy repair, or actually needs complete resurfacing.

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