Schedule Big Repairs for the End of the Swimming Season


Pool Repair in Boca RatonMaintaining a swimming pool requires due diligence all year round. In addition to the regular cleaning, skimming, and balancing of chemicals, there are upgrades, repairs, and other more involved maintenance projects to perform.

Whenever possible, it usually is most cost-effective to schedule big repairs such as equipment replacement, pool painting, or major repairs after the summer swimming season is over.

Pool Service Boca Raton — When to Schedule Repairs

From an operational perspective, this makes perfect sense. The longer you can keep your pool open and functioning, the more value you can get from it. The last thing you want to do is to shut down your pool for repairs when there are people who want to use it.

While there are some instances when shutting down the pool is unavoidable — such as when the health and safety of swimmers are threatened — in many cases major non-essential repairs or upgrades can be delayed until the offseason.

Pool Service Boca Raton — Take the Time to Do It Right

Perhaps the biggest benefit of making repairs or performing maintenance when the pool is closed is that you can more easily drain the pool without inconveniencing anybody.

Another benefit is that you can take your time and do the job right the first time. Very often, when repairs are made at the height of the swimming season, there is a lot more pressure to get the job done fast. This can lead to mistakes, shortcuts, or other inefficiencies.

Plus, if you have to order special parts or supplies, you don’t have to panic because it’s going to delay the reopening of the pool.

At Eagle Pools, we have the experience and the expertise to make the pool repairs and maintenance projects you need to go smoothly. Whether it’s the height of the swimming season or when the pool is closed, you can count on the professionals at Eagle Pools to get the job done right.

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