Schedule Big Jobs Before the Height of Pool Season


There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to use your pool and having it be out of service. Summer swimming season is just around the corner and you are going to need your pool more than any other time of the year.

So the last thing you want to do is to schedule a big pool project such as a pool resurfacing or deep cleaning that is going to take it out of service at the exact time when you need your pool the most. Instead, the best time to schedule major pool service projects is right now, before the heart of the summer swimming season begins.

Pool Resurfacing Boca Raton — Fun in the Summer Sun

When you schedule your pool’s resurfacing, repainting, or another big project now, you can ensure that your swimming pool will be in optimal condition during the summer months when your pool is going to get the most use.

Spring weather is less reliable than summer, even here in South Florida. Temperatures can still dip well below normal, spring storm season is just getting underway, and skies are more likely to be cloudy, grey, and gloomy.

Wouldn’t you rather take your pool out of service when there is at least a chance that you aren’t going to be able to use it anyway, rather than during the summer months when the demand for your pool is at its highest?

Pool Resurfacing Boca Raton — Spring is the Time for Big Projects

Owners of resorts, hotels, country clubs, and other facilities schedule major pool repair and maintenance projects in the spring so that guests can get full value of their swimming pool when they want it most.

Homeowners should take a cue from businesses and schedule their pool resurfacing, repainting, and heavy maintenance and repair projects during the spring rather than during the summer.

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