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Child on water slide at aquapark. Summer holiday.
Child on water slide at aquapark. Summer holiday.

At public swimming pools, beaches, or private country clubs, there usually is a lifeguard on duty anytime people are swimming.

Lifeguards perform two important services: They are trained on lifesaving techniques in the event that somebody should accidentally drown. Plus, they maintain order so that nobody gets hurt from horseplay, running or other prohibited behavior.

Pool Service in Boca Raton — Keeping Your Home Pool  Safe

Most home pools, however, don’t have lifeguards on duty. So it’s up to the homeowner, parents, and older children to maintain order so that everybody enjoys their experience in your pool and that everyone remains safe.

At Eagle Pool Service, our job is to make sure that your physical pool itself is safe for swimmers. We will check and balance the pool chemicals, remove any dirt and impurities, and make sure all of your pool equipment is performing optimally.

But even when your pool is in tip-top shape, your swimming guests can still get hurt if they misbehave or get overly excited.

Pool Service in Boca Raton — Supervision Is the Key

The best way to ensure that everybody using your pool stays safe and has a great time is to always make sure there is adequate supervision. While you may not have a lifeguard on duty, you can make sure that somebody responsible is assuming that lifeguard’s duties by supervising swimmers.

Things like running, horseplay, abusing pool equipment, and simply acting foolish can’t be allowed. Children and teenagers can easily get overly excited when playing with their friends. But if they forget to keep safe, it’s always a good idea to have somebody there to remind them of your pool rules.

You want everybody using your backyard pool to have a good time. Make sure that your home pool is safe by providing adequate supervision anytime people are using it.

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